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Galloway Cattle

Full size White Park Galloway cattle are rare in the U.S.  The Miniature White Park is even rarer.   The color pattern of the White Park Galloway is mostly white, with some color around the ears, feet, and eyes. They will also often have color on their poll, tail, and udder.  The source of their special coloring is believed to come from the herd of White Park cattle at Cadzow Park, Hamilton (adjacent to Galloway).


The White Park Galloway is an ancient and rare breed of cattle.  They are naturally hornless (polled) and instead of horns they have a bone knob at the top of the skull that is called a poll.  The Galloway has a shaggy coat with both a thick, wooly undercoat for warmth and stiffer guard hairs that help shed water, making them well adapted to harsher climates.  The double haired coat is shed in hot weather, thus making them highly adaptable and versatile for a variety of climatic conditions.

Galloway cattle are special for many reasons.  They are docile, easy to handle and easy to care for.  They have a heavy, double haired coat which helps reduce heat loss in winter and helps make the coat resistant to cold, wet weather.  This in turn means that winter feed costs are significantly less than for other cattle.  They have a superior foraging ability ensuring that they thrive where other breeds fail.   

The Galloway cattle are known for having the lowest incidence of calving problems and are great mothers with some of the highest calf survival rates.  They are renowned for their mothering ability, producing enough rich milk to wean a large and healthy calf or two.  The full-size Galloway calf at birth is smaller than most breed averaging 60 to 70-pound birth weights.  The Miniature Galloways are even smaller. 


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